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  • Skatte i Norden
    Planlægger du en tur til det andet Peru?
    Kom til det nordlige Peru, og se selv
    byen Chan Chan (Chimu Kulturen),
    månepyramiden (Moche Kulturen) i Trujillo,
    skatte af Señor de Sipan og El Brujo,
    et pyramidekomplex i det nordlige
    af Huanchaco!
  • Klassiske Mål
    Titicaca-Søen: der ligger på 3800 meter høje og
    er verdens højest beliggende sejlbare farvand.
    Arequipa: "Sillars" Hvid Byen
    Colca Slugten: Kondorens Rige og når det gælder
    naturscenerier er der ikke meget, som kan måle
    sig med Perus Colca Canyon.
  • Vidundere
    Machu Picchu - UNESCO World Heritage
    Du finner knapt et sted i verden med så mye
    historie på et så lite sted.
    Inkaruinene består av rundt 200 forskjellige
    steinbygninger som harmonerer perfekt
    med den omliggende naturen.
    Inkabyen du må besøke!
  • Amazonas-Regnskoven
    Peruvianske Amazonas regnskoven
    strækker sig ud over den mægtige Andes
    til horisonten, der dækker 60 % af landet.
    Kombiner lodge ophold og jungle udflugter
    med seminarer og oplæg
    fra marken forskere!

- temples and pyramids, 5000 years old
- visiting the oldest town of all America
- 1 or 2 days

Imagine you would be just 3.5 hours away from the oldest town of all America and one of the oldest settlements in human history ... without visiting it! It is like being in Egypt and not visiting the pyramids!

THE Must for History- and Culture Fans!

We will show you that Peru is so much more than just Machu Picchu which unfortunately for other parts of the country is still covering other important sightseeing places with its long shadow. Caral, built about 5000 years ago, is a precious jewel in the history of discovery and without a doubt one of the most important sites worldwide.
So, how can it be that travellers spend about 2 to 3 days visiting a 500 year old town (Machu Picchu) but not even a day to learn more about America's mother culture? You have no excuse to pass by - take your chance and come with us to Caral!
Perfect as pre-program.

Tours guaranteed with a minimum of 2 Persons only!

One day or two days - chose between two options, depending on your time and interest. One-day-trip: starts 99 Dollars per Person


Option 1:
CARAL, Full-Day

This Full Day excursion takes you North to Lima, to an arqueological site close to the river Supe. See one of the oldest towns in human history and the Mother Culture of all America!

B= Breakfast......................L= Lunch

FULLDAY Lima - Caral - Lima......................................................................................................B-L
- Transfer in the early morning from Lima to Caral, 3.5 hrs
- Hiking from the parking lot to the entrance, passing the first view points which give you an excellent overview of the site and the first opportunity to take pictures, 20 to 30 minutes
- Guided Tour in Caral, ca. 1. - 1.5 hrs
- Lunch
- Return to Lima

Facts about Caral: America's Mother Cutlure, named after the site where the arqueologist Ruth Shady has excavated the pyramids and temples since the mid 1990ies. Until today many secrets and mysteries are connected with Caral: nobody knows why no cementary can be found there. Was the town even bigger than what we can see today and how many people were constantly living there? And how could they manage those incredible 1000 years of peace? No walls surrounded the town, instead of weapons only music instruments have been found - unique in human history.
At the beginning of the year 2016 a sensational finding was made in the nearby site of Aspero, also belonging to the Caral Culture: the Lady of the four Tupus" was found, the artefacts show clearly that she was a member of the high society.







    Option 2:
    CARAL and VICHAMA, 2-Day-Trip

    To discover the oldest town of America as well as two other sites of the same culture with plenty of time you may chose the second option which includes an overnight in a very nice beach hotel.

    Also, you will learn more about the architecture of another pre-inca culture by visiting the pyramid of Paramonga, built by the Chimus, a high culture itself by the time the Incas occupied almost the whole South Pacific coastline. After the fall of the Chimu empire in 1463 all of their best goldsmiths were taken by the Incas to Cusco in order to realize the Korikancha's Golden Garden.

    B= Breakfast......................L= Lunch

    Galapagos Inseln, EcuadorDAY 1 Lima - Caral - Paramonga - Huaura.............................................B-L
    - Transfer in the early morning from Lima to Caral, 3.5 hrs
    - Hiking from the parking lot to the entrance, passing the first view points which give you an excellent overview of the site and the first opportunity to take pictures, 20 to 30 minutes
    - Guided Tour in Caral, ca. 1. - 1.5 hrs
    - Lunch
    - Drive to Paramonga, Chimu-Pyramid from the 12th century.
    - Drive to your hotel at the Pacific coast and close to the river Huaura.
    - - Overnight in Las Aldas

    DAY 2 Huaura - Vichama - Bandurria - Lima........................................B-L
    - Excursion to Vichama, a very important settlement of the Caral Culture, see the building of the "hunger fresco" and the "frog"
    - Drive to Bandurria with two pyramids from the Caral Culture
    - Lunch
    - Return to Lima
    -- Overnight in Lima

    Facts about Vichama: the arqueological site has an extension of about 18 ha and is located close to the coast. The relation to Caral can soon be seen since it also has "sunken" circular places and buildings with platforms. But Vichama tells us about a dramatic event which happened to his inhabitants. By a look on the temple walls we can observe the "hunger fresco" referring to the catastrophic event of a long dry season when the inhabitants of the town suffered from terrible hunger.

    • Full day: Price per person
    • up to 3 Pers.: 159 €, 4 - 5 Pers.: 129 €, 6 or more Pers.: 99 €
    • 2-day Tour: Price per person in a doble room
    • up to 3 Pers.: 259 €, 4 - 5 Pers.: 229 €, 6 or more Pers.: 199 €
    • extra fee for single room
    • € 30

    Included services
    - 1 x overnight (in case of a 2-day-tour)
    - all entrances
    - English speaking guide
    - all transfers in private car with private driver
    - breakfast and lunch

    Not included
    - health insurance, travel insurance
    - any extra expenses like tips, souvenirs, drinks, etc.